Getting married is the most awaited and romantic event in every person's life; and to some, it's a scary thing because you're going to be bonded with another individual for life. Both of you made a vow to share your love, happiness, and sadness together.
Most couples are dreaming of a honeymoon spent in a beautiful place, but not all are lucky enough to fulfill such dream. One reason is due to budgetary constraints. But for most couples who can afford a romantic and unique honeymoon some place else, they must be careful in choosing their honeymoon destination and it would be best to follow ones instinct.

If you want to spend unique honeymoon moments, no other place is better than Tahiti. Be sure to celebrate your relationship and life together in Tahiti's beautiful islands. The islands are tiny paradise, crowned with uneven peaks that soar magically to the ocean. You can also find islands that barely float above the waves.

There are a few reasons why Tahiti is such a unique place to spend your honeymoon.


In these islands, you can find intimate resorts, quiet pure beaches, and peaceful villages that are definitely suited for the couples' 'alone time'. This is a very good place to spend your honeymoon away from prying eyes, work pressures, and other disturbances.

Polynesian Spas

You can experience rejuvenation and relaxation with these Polynesian spas nurtured by a tropical ambiance. The spas are luxurious and the couple can pamper themselves with the services offered in the spa.

Over-water Bungalows

The island also offers perfect rooms equipped with all needed amenities, and the services are like that of first-class hotels. Have a tranquil sleep over the lagoon waters in a thatched-roof room.


You're free to choose whether you do something or just relax under the sun's heat. Try to enjoy the lagoons while you're there by snorkeling, diving, and boating. If you want, you can try exploring the different islands through hiking, safaris, or shopping.


Share and embrace the warm welcome of Tahitian hosts. Their love for the Tahitian islands is reflected through their dances, music, and flowers.

Honeymoon Cruises

Romantic voyages are also available every week headed for Tahiti's islands. You can have a voyage in the South Pacific on board cruise ships, freighter passenger, and super yachts that travel amid Tahiti's islands.

Couples now have a choice from the leading luxurious cruise lines that offer first class balcony cabins and meals exclusively designed for honeymooners. There is no other place like Tahiti where newly weds can enjoy the time of their life.

You can find great deals on Tahiti honeymoon packages that costs as low as $1,279 to as high as $7, 545. There are certain travel agencies that offer these kinds of packages to honeymooners. Feel free to log on to their site and check out Tahiti's unique honeymoon packages and experience the greatest honeymoon moments that will only happen once in your life.

Visit Tahiti and experience the feel of romance in this unique place. The world has recognized this place' beauty and is regarded as the center of romance in the whole universe. So don’t be left behind; if you're a newly wed couple, or perhaps you've renewed your vows and want to have another honeymoon, this place can speak for itself. You will always want to go back to this magical and enchanting place.

A winter wedding hardly seems like a perfect season to tie the knot. But a winter honeymoon is the perfect escape to some snow-capped destinations in the world, cuddling in front of the fire with mugs of hot chocolate or playing in the snow like kids. And because it happens to be Christmas time as well, it’s a romantic honeymoon setting with the golden candles in a European castle or some hotel hidden in the mountains. Feed each other winterberries, Apricots and cherries.

Explore on of the snow-capped mountains of Canada. The Rockies and the Laurentains are perfect for winter sports. Go skiing in one of the many ski resorts and enjoy the natural topography and snow. Whether you’re a serious skier or just a neophyte, there’s definitely something in store for you and your honey.

Tremblant is a skiing resort you can definitely visit, providing you with the sights of Quebec’s local color and a theme park. A quaint village, it offers brightly colored buildings with boutiques and restaurant dotting the streets. And to cap off an afternoon ski experience, there are wood cabin bistros and cafes where you can relax and enjoy. Fo some evening activity, your loved one and you can explore its many open-air theaters with performances of fire-eaters, clowns and live music. There are also skating activities in Lac Miroir and water slides at La Source. To cap off your day, cozy up in one of their wood cabins and drink hot chocolate in front of the fire.

Here are five other European destinations you can explore on your winter honeymoon.

Kitzbühel, Austria. An Alpine town perfect for skiing, Kitzbühel has chalets complete with fireplaces for cuddling up, top-notch cross country trails and downhill slopes and a perfect nightlife.

St. Moritz, Switzerland. Aside from the mountain slopes perfect for snow activities, there’s also the après-ski café fertig, a coffee with shots of schnapps you surely wouldn’t want to miss in your visit, dining at the La Marmite and of course, shopping at Armani and Cartier. For evening revelry, there’s the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel and a tour of small buildings connected by underground passageways at the Chesa Guardalej.

Courchevel, France. Part of a series of villages in the Trois Vallees area connected by the cable cars, this is the a good way to spend for skiing and partying during your honeymoon. You can sunbathe on the Riviera in the summer retreat here – and at winter, of all times.

Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy. Great food, great wine, great slopes…what more could you ask for? Skiing couple enthusiasts – both amateur and advanced—will enjoy what this place has to offer, not to mention the trails for cross-country lovers. Local restaurants give you a filling of homemade pasta and risotto and there’s dancing in the discos at night.

The Dolomite mountains are home to the sophisticated and elegant city of Cortina D'Ampezzo. Slopes are paradise for advanced as well as intermediate skiers, and there are trails for cross-country enthusiasts. Restaurants satisfy those who savor homemade pasta and risotto. Discos do exist, but dining out is nightlife enough for most.

Lillehammer, Norway. Probably the place of origin of skiing and slalom, Lillehammer Norway offers slopes, slopes and more slopes. With the 200 plus miles of cross-country trails and skiing slopes –all lit by torches—it’s a lovely way to spend skiing with your loved one. If not skiing, take a look at the world’s oldest skis on view at the Ski Museum in the capital city of Oslo.
There’s beauty to spending a white Christmas, a white wedding and a white honeymoon.