While weddings are held in celebration of the union of the couple, different cultures approach this ceremony differently. Sure, there are some similarities there are still subtle differences that set one culture from another.

Here are some ways different cultures celebrate their weddings as well as some traditions that each culture initiated.

1. Philippines – typical weddings in the Philippines include customs such as the bride disallowed from meeting the groom a day before their wedding. Doing so means bad luck according to them. Then there’s the belief that siblings cannot get married on the same year because one of them will meet an accident if they do.

2. Germany – this is where the idea of having a best man is said to have begun. In ancient Germany, some grooms kidnapped women from other villages to make them their wives. A trusted aide helps them do this and accompanies the groom during the ceremony to fight off any relatives who interfere with the ceremony.

3. China – traditional Chinese weddings require the bride to change three times during the ceremony! Then there’s the requirement of colors gold and red when wrapping a gift. They are said to symbolize wealth and happiness to the couple.

4. Mexico – during the reception, the couple’s guests form a heart-shaped barrier around the couple. The newlyweds will then do their first dance inside this heart.

5. Poland – is where the tradition of pinning money on the newlyweds’ clothes while dancing began. It has since been practiced by different cultures around the world.