Coming up with a dinner party theme is one of the funner aspects of arranging a gathering. Whether you're planning a posh formal affair or a simple family gathering, a theme can make your dinner party all the more memorable. Here are a few cost effective tips to consider when thinking up a theme for your next event.


How do you make a dinner party theme? There are several aspects to consider, including music, decorations, after dinner activities and, of course, food. Even if your budget is tight, it's perfectly possible to create an interesting dinner party theme, whether it's for your child's birthday or a lavish wedding.


Some dinner party theme ideas are very simple indeed. For example, if your guest of honor's favorite colors are pink and purple, it's a simple matter to find napkins, balloons, and even dishes that match this theme. However, for themes such as this, it needn't extend to just the decorations. Feel free to indulge in pink and purple foods as well, including items on your menu such as lavender cake, plums, strawberry ice cream, rose cookies, and more. Your only limit is your own imagination.


Of course, other dinner party themes require a bit more searching. For example, if you want a Victorian tea party, finding the right dishes, decorations, and music can sound like a huge challenge. However, for dated looks like this, it's easy to find a variety of teacups, tea sets, and charming plates and silverware at antique stores and thrift stores for relatively cheap. You can even add a charmingly folksy look by giving everyone differently matching teacups and saucers. Adding elements such as flowers, a harpsichord CD, and some authentically Victorian foods such as petite fours, scones, and specialized teas and you'll have a dinner party theme that can't be beat.


The after dinner activities can also do wonders for echoing a theme. For example, following up a spooky Halloween dinner party with bobbing for apples, ghost stories, and creepy movies is a great way to bring the evening to a close. Music can help keep the overall mood cheerful as well—if you used a quieter CD for during dinner, following up with music that's more sprightly will encourage others to have fun.


These are only a few ways that you can create a wonderful dinner party theme. Regardless of what you choose, you'll be doing your part to impress and enthrall your guests. This is something they won't just remember, but appreciate as well. Learn more today!