Are you looking for a way to make your next formal dinner party truly unique? Whether you're planning a lavish birthday or a wedding reception your guests won't soon forget, dinner party favors are a wonderful way to give your guests something wonderful to take home. Here are a few suggestions of what you can look for.

When it comes to arranging dinner parties, oftentimes you have enough work as it is simply finding reception facilities, choosing the perfect decorations, and drawing up the menu. However, by investing in quality dinner party favors, you will be adding an extra element to the event that will make it all the more fun.

For example, are you arranging a New Years dinner party? Why not supply your guests with masquerade masks and small noisemakers to let them ring in the new year in style? Other common dinner party favors include specialized napkins, personalized drink glasses, balloons, table decorations, and more.

Wedding dinner party favors are some of the most creative you'll find. You can find everything from special customized appetizers—such as bride and groom themed cupcakes or chocolate dipped strawberries—to small gifts for your guests to take home. These include items such as mint tins, playing cards, candles, or buttons. These thoughtful gifts will make your guests feel even more welcome.

However, not all dinner party favors are suitable. Avoid excessively inexpensive favors that break easily or look cheap. When it comes to making your special day memorable, it's best to invest in favors that are durable and aesthetically pleasing. This will ensure your guests that you put extra thoughts into what to give them. Providing them with flimsy dinner party favors will only result in them being discarded.

Keep your guests in mind when picking out your dinner party favors. Avoid providing favors with small parts if there are toddlers present. If you must include favors that they may choke on, keep them in an area where only the adults can reach them. It will behoove you to provide a few fun, affordable playthings for any children attending your event as well. These include bubble wands, wind up toys, or small bags of candy.


These are only a few dinner party favors to consider. By investing in creative, quality favors for your next event, you are doing more than just providing your guests with something fun. You are doing your part to make the event more interesting as well. Learn more today!