When most people think of dinner parties, they imagine a fun evening spent mingling and eating good food. However, dinner party etiquette is an important part of it too, especially for highbrow events. Are you unsure how to behave at a formal dinner party? Here are a few tips on what to do.


One of the most important aspects of dinner party etiquette is your response to the invitation. In most cases, you will receive an RSVP card with which to let your hosts know whether or not you'll be able to come. It's best not to wait until the last minute to send out your RSVP. In addition to this, unless it's specifically stated that guests are welcome, it's not a good idea to bring anyone else with you. This is especially true for events such as weddings, which may have limited seating or individual meals for each person.


Once you're certain you can go, there is the matter of your attire. For formal events, it's a good idea to dress as the occasion demands. Don't try to be too eccentric or daring. For example, wearing red to a funeral wake is in extremely poor taste. Your best bet is to stick with something formal and flattering that isn't too flashy. Everyone has a little black dress in their closet this is a good outfit to default to if you're unsure of what to wear.


Once you're at the event, there are certain forms of dinner party etiquette to consider. If it's an extremely formal tea party, for example, you may even need to brush up on your table manners. Using the right fork, drinking from the right glass, and using your napkin correctly is essential for any dinner party. Failure to do so can result in some truly embarrassing incidents.


Silverware aside, exercising dinner party etiquette is a simple matter of watching your manners. For example, don't critique the food, gossip, chew loudly, or drink too much. Be sure to compliment the host or hostess at the end of the evening. While sending a thank-you note a few days after the event isn't always mandatory, it's nevertheless a sign of good manners to do so. Your host or hostess will be touched by your gratitude as well.


These are only a few basic rules of dinner party etiquette. By being polite, not overdressing, and using your silverware accordingly, you can make a good impression at almost any event. Learn more today about how learning perfect dinner party etiquette can benefit your social life.