Whether you go with an edible treat (like brownies, cookies, candy or chocolate) or a little treasure to give your guests for a favor, you need to buy something to put that favor in. This can range from small paper or fabric bags to small gift boxes to tulle. Traditional favors use tulle as the material that the bride will put the favor and then she ties a ribbon and card to the bundle.

You can get as creative as you want and let your imagination run wild when you make your favors. If your favor is an edible treat, you will need to cover it somehow, so you might want to put it in a gift box. A small glass or gift box is absolutely perfect for those edible treats.

Look on the Internet and talk with your friends and family to get some ideas about some very unique ways to make your wedding favors. Heck, with all of the information that is floating around in cyberspace, you might find yourself overwhelmed and get some wonderful things to think about. Buying your wedding favor supplies is easy too, as you can get almost anything online. There are so many choices that you might not be able to make up your mind. If you want to give small candles, then try ordering candle plates to go with them as keepsakes.

Have you ever thought of using decorated Chinese take-out boxes as part of your modern wedding favor? This is not as uncommon as you may think. If you are giving wedding fortune cookies, which are a very popular wedding favor, this is just the perfect idea. These are great inside a Chinese take-out wedding favor box. It is easy to match your chosen colors with this neat idea because you can buy these boxes in nearly any color you can think of.

Thinking about using small paper bags to make your favors? Well then you have a great idea. You can buy these small bags in bulk and decorate them any way you choose. Buying in bulk is a great way to keep your expenses down; won’t that look awesome on the table? A clear plastic bag gives soaps or candles a more modern look and looks good at the same time. You can enjoy their beauty without being overpowering by the fragrance(s) at your reception. If you are going for a splash of color, then you might want to think about using small glass jars as your container.
While flowers are not meant to be put in a box or in a bag however, a small vase with your ribbon and card tied to the vase is just perfect! If you plan on giving away real flowers, please make sure you have them in water. Many other things are not meant to be packaged, so make sure that you arrange them on tables in such a way that adds some style and a touch of your style to the tables.